Taiwan Cram School Culture

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圖片1圖片2圖片3The photos were taken on a Thursday when I was at the Taipei Train Station transferring to Shandoa Temple Station.  Although I have been to the Taipei Train Station for many times, yet there’s never been a time when I wasn’t stunned by the scale of the cram school buildings and the humongous ads.

There were huge amount of ads on the building walls and also on the bus stop signs.  However, the most conspicuous ones obviously were the ads of Herjer Bushiban.  Being the largest franchised cram school in Taiwan, the head quarter of Herjer Bushiban is an eight-stories-high building with millions of students.  If it were a municipal school, it would probably be the largest school in Taiwan, or even more, the largest in the world.

   Being a victim and protester of the cram school culture of Taiwan, a feeling of disgust always surge inside me when I walk pass those cram schools.  “The Eighth World Wonder” is the name I gave them.  But undeniably, it’s hard for the Taiwanese students to survive the extremely competitive society.  The cram schools are established to give junior and senior high school students a complete system of extensive and intensive learning.  The pace of the courses is usually faster than that in school.  So the students get to gain more knowledge and practice or review more.

   If the word “ Harvarditis” is used in the states, “Taiwan University Thirst” is probably a suitable term for the  frenetic phenomenon in Taiwan.  Entering into prestigious high schools or universities is the goal of many students all around the world.  But the means of learning in our country is much too excessive to me.  For us to find a way to improve our education is a crucial task at the moment.


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My Life Map

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life mapEveryone has the right to hope!

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My Family Tree

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family tree

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Bio Poem

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My name is Lorelai
I’m medium height, long haired, slightly overweight, ordinary looks
I’m optimistic, extrovert, witty (occasionally), irrational
Student of LSSH
Lover of literature, movies, arts, classical cross-over music
Who feels life is full of possibilities.
Who likes freedom, singing opera, playing with animals (dogs, dolphins and pandas!!!)
Who fears math and mom
Who gives laughter (hopefully)
Who wants to be a writer, columnist or an artist
And whose greatest dream now is to enter DFLL, NTU
My last name is Lin.

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My Autobiography

June 15, 2009 at 7:52 am (Uncategorized)


-by Lorelai Lin


When I was a little girl, I always wanted to fly, like an astronaut flying toward the unknown reign of the universe and exploring all sorts of phenomena in the outer space.  And now, as a sixteen-year-old, I still like to fly, but as an artist, flying between human thoughts and great pieces of work, examining every aspect of human society.


I was brought up in an open family full of artistic atmosphere.  My parents are both graduates from Tunghai University.  They also used to take graduate courses in New York, a world capital where they encountered western culture and hence became more open-minded.  My father was an architectural major, and at present he is an architect and a professor.  He is an optimistic person, carefree and longing for nature.  He is also a dreamer, building the only playground-like elementary school in Taiwan, hoping to see children grow up happily and love learning as well.  He has never put any pressure on me, simply wanting me to try my best and enjoy the process of learning.  My mom was an English major.  She used to work as a chief editor in a publishing company and a website.  She is an English teacher now.  She loves literature, movies and English songs, and all these characteristics are greatly influential to me.  It is her choice to live in Tien-Mu, a multi-cultural community.  She believes in the crucial effect of cultural stimulation, and she also leads me to the awareness of the importance of languages.


I entered Tien-Mu Elementary School at the age of seven.  During my years in Tien-Mu, I quite enjoyed learning out of pure curiosity, without any expectation or pressure.  It was then that I found myself interested in creative work.  I loved writing, painting and music, and I took painting and piano lessons after school.  As for writing, my mom thinks extensive reading, sensitivity and good observation are more important than skills learned in composition courses, so she never sent me to any of them.


Years later when I entered junior high, I was at the same time stepping into the dark period of my life: terrifying environment of endless competitions, countless tests and quizzes.  I had been under great stress and torture.  In addition, I had not a bit interest in math, so my academic performance was much poorer than before.  Living in a great sense of frustration and loss and shedding tears over poor grades, I yearned for western education so much–a system that values inspiration, truly respects students’ individual differences, fields of interest and talents.  Every time when I walked past TAS (Taipei American School), I felt it was just my “Utopia” right there.

Maybe it’s a joke of fate; I am now a high school student in a science oriented school-LiShan.  Having absolutely no interest in science and math, I feel there is little room for me at school, thus extra-curricular activities have been predominant in my high school life.  I have participated in a couple of English drama, speech and debate seminars and also joined the DFLL winter camp in NTU.  As for the coming summer, I am due to join the presidential classroom program which takes place in Washington D.C.   And I’m planning on to join a humanities camp held by Tunghai University.  I understand English is the most prominent gift in all of my talents and I feel obligated to nurture it.  Also, I have a huge passion for vocal music, and joining the Taipei Philharmonic Choir is my other goal.  However, schoolwork is the main focus of mine at the moment. In order to get into a prestigious university, the required ability of science and math is undeniably essential.  Dreams are always beautiful, but we all wake up to the reality.

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My Digital Image

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image_of_lorelaimy pic

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More Concert Pics

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Sarah Rules!sbwatersbluna

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After the Concert

April 16, 2009 at 3:14 pm (Uncategorized)

sbmeAs you may know I was at  the  Sarah brightman concert on the fifth of April.  It’s been almost ten days, still I can recall every moment of that magical night.  What I love most  about live performances is the ambience and the real interaction with the artist herself.  In Sarah’s concert there were a lot of emotional moments as well as melancholy ones.  It is one of those moments  when everything is just right, just beautiful and you almost feel sad because you’re not sure if that’s going to happen again in your life.  I always feel in live concerts, if you listen with your heart, you would get a lot from the artist.  There is always a deep emotional center within every piece of art work, and everybody feels that emotion in a different way.  Also in live concerts, you capture some of the artist’s spirit.   I think Sarah has a wonderful personality. She’s humble, appreciative, hard-working, positive and warm.  Those really aren’t common traits of an international superstar!  I believe a great artist is always a great person, and Sarah is just the paradigm.  She is truly a diva!

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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